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Araniko Highway The Scariest Highway In Nepal

sino nepal friendship bridge in nepal

The Araniko Highway  connects Kathmandu with Kodari, 115 kilometres (71 mi) northeast of the Kathmandu Valley, on the Nepal-China border. It is among the most dangerous of highways in Nepal due to extremely steep slopes on each side of the road from Barabise onwards, massive landslides. It also connects China National Highway to Lhasa after passing through Nepal-China Friendship Bridge. Araniko Highway, which was built by the Chinese Government and completed in 1966, is now a lasting symbol of the friendly relations between the two neighboring countries, promoting not just trade but also people-to-people contact. The highway offers alpine views of hilly region of Nepal with spectacular views of great snow- clad peaks. Along the side of highways many adventures activities such as Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning and Fishing are done.

The highway, which ends at the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, links up with China National Highway towards Lhasa. The Araniko Highway is the only land route that connects Kathmandu to Tibet. It was built on the legendary and difficult caravan route from the capital of Nepal to Tibet used by travelers and traders during ancient times.

 araniko highway nepalTraders from Kathmandu sold food items, handicrafts and spices to Tibet while Tibetan sold salt and gold to Nepal. The highway not only connects Kathmandu to Tibet but also several villages that lay across the route in the north-eastern part of Nepal. Aside from its economic benefits, the highway also made a big impact on the people of Nepal, touching and even changing their lives for their better. The highway also changed the lives of people in some other villagers which have since become municipalities, such as Banepa, Dhulikhel and Panauti which lay along the highway.

Highway passes through beautiful landscapes, such as magnificent rivers and scenic gorges, it has contributed a lot to Nepal's robust tourism industry. In-fact, most of the adventure sports enthusiasts and nature lovers among the foreign tourists usually take the route. The highway was named after the 13th century Nepalese master of Buddhist art and architecture. Araniko or Anige, who hailed from Nepal but had an immense contribution in the Buddhist architecture of China.

Tourists Attractions:
  • Rafting and Kayaking on the Bhole Koshi River.
  • Bungy Jump, Canyoning, Swing and High Ropes at Last Resort.
  • Beautiful Landscape and majestic views of snow-clad peaks.
  • Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

Nearby Attraction of Araniko Highway:

 barhabise a tourist attraction in nepal
Barabise: Bahrabise is a village in Sindhupalchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. It consists of nine wards. Brabise is a tiny village and business hub of Chinese market near the Tibetan border. Main reason to come here is to stay in one of the two eco-resorts and Partake in the many adrenaline activities that can be done in the area: Bungee Jumping, Canyon, Swinging, White Water Rafting,Canyoning, Mountains Biking, High Ropes, Caving or just plain relaxing.

Tourist Highlights:
  • Surrounding Landscape with beautifully blessed waterfall.
  • Adventure Activities at Last Resorts.

 Sukute is beautiful tourist spot in nepal
Sukute: is located 63 KM northeast of Kathmandu along Araniko Highway on the bank of Bhote Koshi River. Geographically set amidst pristine hamlets & lush green terraced hillsides, the Sukute beach camp is a wonderful destination to while away your time in the early parts of spring or the beginning of autumn into winter. Sunbathing on the beaches of the Bhote Koshi River under bright blue skies is a wonderful experience to behold for a long time. Sukute is an ideal place for adventure activities like Rafting and Kayaking.

Tourist Highlight:
  • Starting adventure activities like Rafting and Kayaking.
  • Naturally blessed Landscape along Bhule Khosi River.

 dolalghat is tourist place in nepal
Dolalghat: Surrounded by mountain chains not only two wild mountain rivers (Indrawathi and Sunkoshi) meet in the valley, but Dolalghat also served as a stopover for pilgrims and monks on their way to the holy sites in the mountains. After 10 KM down from the red clay landscape of Pachkhal, along with beautiful alpine and landscape views of fields. To reach this famous picnic spot it takes three hours drive from Kathmandu. There are lots of fish shops around Dolalghat where you can enjoy local fried fish.

Tourist Highlights:
  • Alpine views, surrounding landscape plus junction of two rivers.
  • Happing place for adventure activities like Rafting and Kayaking.
  • Picnic spot and local fried fish shop.
  • Newari community with rich cultural and traditional.

Palanchowk Bhagawati temple is pilgrimage center in nepalPalanchowk Bhagawati: Palanchowk Bhagwati Temple is situated in Sathighar Bhagawati VDC of Kavre-palanchowk District in Nepal. It is about 55 km north-east of the Kathmandu city and situated at altitude of 1,007 m above sea level. Palanchowk Bhagwati temple is said to have been constructed during the reign of King Mānadeva. The temple houses a 3 feet long beautiful artistic idol of Goddess Bhagawati carved in a black stone and decked with jewelry. This temple is one of the most beautiful and most important Goddess images in Nepal. On the clear weather you are offered exceptional views of crystal clear views of Himalayan range, beautiful landscape of Panchkhal are scenic region of eastern part of Nepal.